Bay Area Muslim Interns and New Grads

A community that builds life-long relationships, creates a network like no other, fosters Islamic teachings & good character

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Where the Minterns are

We use a number of channels to share our events, publish our updates, and stay in touch with each other:

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Facebook group

Used for announcements and event updates

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Feature 03

Interns '19 chat

Exclusive for summer 2019 interns to ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

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Feature 04

General chat

Used by interns and new grads for all the things

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Job matching network

Employees + H. Managers
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    We're partnering with Minterns and a number of orgs across the Bay Area to help students land awesome internships and full-time jobs.

    We're looking for professionals (like yourself!) to help accelerate their careers. Once you submit the form, you'll gain access to an airtable with students that match your background.

    You'll decide which students you want to chat with to give advice about their resume + career.
Internships / FTE form
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    Your record will be added and circulated between full-time employees who are interested in referring or hiring folks.

    Once they find a fit, they'll reach out to you with the next steps.

    You'll have an option to get your resume reviewed and express interest in particular companies.

    If you don't have the form password, contact us.


  • Can non-Muslims join Minterns?

    Of course! Non-muslims are not only welcome but encouraged to come. We had people of all backgrounds come to past (and current) events, you won’t be alone

  • What is the Minterns Deposit program?

    It is a new program that lends minterns up to $3,000 at the beginning of their internship to pay for their rent, deposit and other relocation expenses. In the past few years, many minterns had financial struggles until they received their first paycheck. Subject to fund availability and due by the second paycheck

  • Is the group only for interns?

    The group started in 2013 by a number of interns, a lot of them graduated but would still like to be involved in the community, so it expanded to house interns and new grads

  • How can I organize an event?

    Minterns tries to have zero hierarchy. You don't need any approvals — just figure out the event logistics then share it on the group. We’ll put it on our FB page, group and would be happy to help you with the logistics!

  • How do I find housing?

    You should post in the housing groups listed on the onboarding guide. We also created this group chat for the minterns looking for housing

  • What if I have another question?

    Feel free to reach us at or post on the group chat!

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